Rare Coin

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Why Use A Rare Coin Broker?

Rare coin brokers act like any other type of broker. Just as real estate or stockbrokers do not own the property or stocks they buy or sell, similarly, I do not own the coins being bought and sold. Rather, I act as an agent on behalf of my clients in the open market and charge a small commission for my services. My goal is to do everything possible to always protect my client’s interests.


My Experience & Network

With over 50 years of numismatic expertise, I continue to have my finger on the pulse of the rare coin market. I treat every purchase or sale of my client’s coins as if they were my own. Further, I negotiate the best possible prices, and they reap the benefits.

If you are selling, I will offer your coins to the highest buyers. Alternatively, I will recommend the finest auction venues where the most competitive buyers seek coins such as yours, and guide you through the sales process. Ultimately, I leverage my experience and network to get you the best possible prices for your coins.

My Mission

The reasons I am acting solely as a rare coin broker are two-fold. First, I believe this is the future of numismatics. A client deserves to partner with an expert who focuses on their interests! My clients deal exclusively with me and are not handed off to employees like at many other firms.

Second, I want to eliminate as many possible problems and concerns for my clients. This allows them to view rare coins solely for their history, artwork, beauty, enjoyment, and investment potential, while limiting the worries.

My singular focus is personally acquiring the finest numismatic assets, or selling client’s coins while saving or making them money in the process.

Unique Rare Coins

No Conflict of Interests

Often, coin dealers will offer their own inventories to prospective buyers. Similarly, they like to purchase items for their own accounts. This creates a conflict of interest when a potential customer approaches them. Will the dealer look elsewhere to obtain something special, or sell the person a coin they already own? Likewise, if an individual is selling their coins, the less The dealer pays, the greater is their profit. Unfortunately, for this reason, many sellers receive less for their coins than they should.

Unique Rare Coins