How Can I Benefit you?

Unique Rare Coins

Financial Planners & Money Managers

I work with them to diversify their client's portfolios or acquire exceptional hedges against inflation or devastating financial events.

Collectors & Individuals

I have worked with a substantial number of both new and experienced rare coin enthusiasts and helped them create impressive and profitable collections of which they were proud. It has been my pleasure to provide my clients astute counsel and direction.

It is unfortunate, but many experienced collectors overestimate their abilities. Unlike myself, they are not industry insiders and rarely possess my level of experience and deep understanding of the rare coin market's internal workings and players. This unknowingly places them at a serious disadvantage. I can assist them by reducing the higher dealer profits they may not realize they are paying to my reasonable fees. Additionally, I can help protect them from purchasing problem coins, which will be difficult to later sell.

Unique Rare Coins


I advise them and recommend which numismatic areas I believe offer the most profit potential while helping them avoid the many market pitfalls. Together we can develop a plan to create an exceptional portfolio.


I offer my exceptional industry knowledge in a completely unbiased and transparent fashion. This helps those charged with liquidating a substantial rare coin estate to sell it for as much as possible.

Inheritors’ Hurdles

Those who inherit rare coin collections or accumulations often do not know their value or properly dispose of them. I help by developing a strategy as a rare coin broker to liquidate the inheritance most profitably and expeditiously. I liquidate a rare coin estate to assure that the heirs receive both their true value and greatly benefit from the proceeds.

My Suggestions

Despite what many rare coin dealers believe, none of us know it all. Fortunately, some recognize this and seek my counsel to locate or sell those special coins.

Unique Rare Coins

Maximizing Your Sale Prices

Do you know how to sell your rare coins to maximize your sale prices? I do and have been for over 50 years.

When someone wants to sell their rare coins even if they know their options, sellers rarely obtain the best prices. They can sell them to a coin dealer. However, dealers profit from the difference between what they pay for a coin and what they sell it for; they buy wholesale and sell retail. This places the seller at a disadvantage because it is in the coin dealer’s best interest to pay as little as possible, which is usually the case.

To many coin dealers, the less informed the seller appears, the less they will offer. Tragically, this occurs too frequently. Unless they are fortunate, it is difficult for the average person to find a coin dealer who will give them fair prices for their coins. These are but a few major problems I avoid while helping my clients achieve great prices!

My Expertise

A seller can go to an auction company. However, in addition to the “buyer’s fee,” which is often 20%, they may be forced to pay an additional 10% “seller’s fee.” The person ultimately indirectly sacrifices both, which reduces their payout. It takes an expert to pick an auction house that achieves top prices for their types of coins. This is where I can be exceptionally helpful.

For these and other reasons, the seller often walks away with far less than they should. If you allow me to act as your rare coin broker, I will use my experience to help achieve exceptional prices for your coins. And I will perform this in the strictest of confidence.

When I act as a rare coin broker, I consider which sales method is optimal for each coin. I have a large dealer and collector network to sell to and recommend each coin's best venue. Further, if we decide to auction some, I can negotiate the seller’s and buy-back fees, which often saves my clients a substantial sum. I know what their coins are worth and where or how to sell them for top prices to my client’s benefit.

Unique Rare Coins

Buying Rare Coins

Do you know how to buy high-quality rare coins at genuine wholesale dealer prices? I have over 50 years of experience doing just that!

Whether you are new to the rare coin market or are a seasoned numismatist, financial planner, or money manager, I can help you avoid the numerous pitfalls that plague the market. Further, I can recommend coins that I believe are undervalued and offer excellent investment potential. In this fashion, I can help you build an extraordinary collection or investment portfolio to profit from, as well as cherish and enjoy.

Protecting Client Interests

I work for my clients in the strictest of confidence. My primary goal is to protect their interests. I do not feel compelled to sell the coins that I own. This opens the entire rare coin universe to choose the most exceptional numismatic assets. As a rare coin broker, most coins my clients receive are purchased in the wholesale dealer to dealer marketplace. Further, I only acquire certified coins that are solid for the grade, offering great eye appeal.

Further, my low rare coin broker commissions are often offset by my negotiating discounted dealer prices.

Foremost to me is my desire to work giving you advice and counsel each step of the way until we achieve your goals.