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Unique Rare Coins

Those who want to diversify

He can convert a client’s rare coin holding into gold or silver bullion related coins for protection against these turbulent times.

Dealer’s Interests

The typical coin dealer purchases a coin and then adds a 15% to 30% profit (or more) to their cost before selling it. Often, they contact a customer in hopes of making a sale, suggesting their coin is special or the nicest one known.

The dealer has a beneficial interest in selling coins they own, and for as much as possible. And of course, the less they pay when purchasing from you, the greater their profit when they sell. Just remember, most of the time, the dealer’s interests and motivation are different from yours.



As a Rare Coin Broker, I do not play games when I buy or sell to increase my profit!

My books are always open to my clients, so they know the exact price whenever I buy or sell for them. Conversely, you never really know the dealer’s mark-up as a buyer despite what you may be told. And if selling, you will often receive less than you should.

Unlike a normal dealer, I never have a conflict of interest. I am impartial, whether buying or selling, because I am working for my client, not for myself.

When I make purchases, I scan the entire wholesale rare coin marketplace, not just the limited number of coins in my inventory. I use my expertise and position as an industry insider to locate the finest “problem-free” coins available. I then negotiate the best wholesale prices on your behalf. Importantly to you, I am rarely satisfied with the first coin I am offered!


When it is time to sell your coins, I maximize your sale prices by using the right venues!

When preparing to sell your coins, you must weigh each available numismatic venue's pros and cons. I use my 50+ years of experience to decide which selling method to use to receive each coin's highest price.

I carefully select to whom or how to sell my client’s coins and am not limited to what one or two dealers will offer. Nor do I have to sell all your coins in the same manner.

My goal is to sell your coins for the best possible prices. I leverage my relationships and may offer the coins to other collectors or sell them to the highest wholesale buyers. Or, I will pick the best auction company for particular coins if I believe an auction can achieve the maximum prices.

Unique Rare Coins

More Profit

Oh, there is one more reason you want to do business with a Rare Coin Broker!

You can Save or Make a significant amount of money! My goal is to acquire great coins as cheaply as possible and make sales for as much as possible. Since my compensation is based solely on a straight commission, your interests are my top priority. Whether you are buying or selling, all my clients receive my personalized service and are treated fairly, honestly, and with complete transparency. This is my personal commitment to every person for whom I work.